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Hades – “… Again Shall Be”

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few words for this one… yes it’s close to 15 years old, but fuck if it isn’t still one of my favorite black metal albums ever.

Hair and Skin Trading Co…mpany

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“Ground Zero” 12″:


“Psychedelische Musique (Lava Surf Kunst)”


after X-ray BBQ‘s recent post of the latter outing from these ex-Loopsters, i dug up the former for a sort of side-by-side. two completely different bands almost… you can decide whether the industrial-tinged brit-post-punk of the 12″, or the kraut-redux This Heat-isms of the LP, are more to your liking. a bit of something to be said for both in my estimation, but then, as you can tell by reading my own tastes are quite widely varied.


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once again i’m falling into a bit of an “uninspired” slump… other things occupying my mind/time are taking higher priority at this point… and i may or may not make a habit of this, but i thought i’d try to remedy that somewhat by pointing your attention to worthwhile posts on other blogs, in the absence of my own.

with that in mind, i’d like to draw your attention to one of my favorite music blogs Cosmic Hearse for today’s post on the little-known phenonmenon known as Spirex.

i’m not gonna steal Aesop’s own words on them, but here’s what you should know: those of you who enjoy those 2-member duos of a noisier variety – most often consisting of bass and drums for instrumentation – would do well to check this out. as i said in my comment on the original post (yes that was me, i’m not stealing someone else’s words here): Spirex is (was) a lot like Planets, Lightning Bolt, Ruins, Godheadsilo, Jackwacker, Eloe Omoe and the like; but on a steady diet of Man is the Bastard and with an occasional side-dish of avant/improv.