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Nomeansno – “Betrayal, Fear, Anger, Hatred” 7″

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cover-sm15re-issue of some really early stuff, or something.

ps: not to sound unenthusiastic – i’m adjusting to a new schedule and a little sick so not up to much writing at the moment. but don’t worry, it’s good stuff here – if i hated it, i wouldn’t post it.

Happy Flowers – “Peel Session” 7″

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cover-sm13another slab-o-stupid from my favorite noise-rock fucktards of the 80s. fuck the Butthole Surfersthis is where it was really at.

Halo of Flies – “Big Mod Hate Trip” 7″

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cover-sm12two slabs of lovable noise-rock with amazing cover art from the band of the man behind the label that released it. whut?

Lubricated Goat – “Plays the Devil’s Music” LP

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cover-sm11as promised yesterday, here’s a full-length from these noise-rockers. not quite as good as their “Psychedelicatesen” album (posted here ages ago – use the search thing, i’m feeling lazy today), but still worth at least a spin or two.

ps – the last two songs on side a run into each other without a break so i kept them together tagged as track 4 and skipped to track 6 with side b. not to worry, nothing’s missing.

Lubricated Goat – “Shut Your Mind” 7″

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cover-sm10i’ve sung their praises before but i think, next to King Snake Roost, these guys were just about the best damn “noise-rock” band outta that whole Touch & Go/Am-Rep scene of the late 80s/early 90s… in fact, i might even interupt the stream of 7″s and bust out a full length i found when i dug out and re-shelved my LPs the other night. for now, enjoy these two killer tunes.

Alien Sex Fiend – “Ignore the Machine” 7″

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cover-sm91985 single here from a band who, 11 years later, would become part of both the worst and best live experience of my life thus far. to wit: they opened up for Test Dept. in 1996 and i was, depending on what part of the night, fortunate enough to be in attendance. Test Dept. were glorious. ASF… not so much. it really just proved that certain styles of music (like theirs) are best left to the studio… but that’s neither here nor there. this single has two good songs so forget my crankiness and enjoy

Thrust – “She Who Must Be Obeyed” 7″

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cover-sm8kinda hazy on how i came across this one now… perhaps their label-association with the likes of God Is My Co-Pilot? or comparisons to Motherhead Bug (which, frankly, are about the only two apt comparisons that spring to mind)… knowing me, it was just as likely a random ad in some zine (fan- or otherwise) that caught my attention enough to send a money order or “well-concealed cash” into the postal void and be hopeful of getting a record back a few weeks later in exchange for my efforts…

anyway, pretty obvious but nonetheless enjoyable subject matter from this all-female NYC ensemble consisting of 3-4 percussionists, strings and saxes along with guitars etc… and… well, i’m sure the artwork and the title speak for themselves. love it

Vice Barons – “Play!” 7″

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cover-sm7easily my favorite of the surf-revival bands from last decade, mainly for their inclusion of the organ, which propells this several notches above any others who might have been considered their peers. they had the best cover art too 🙂

The Wolfmen – s.t. 7″

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cover-sm6more (insert-noun-or-animal-here)men fun from that mid-90s surf/garage revival that no one outside of MRR readers (and me) noticed…


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for a short part of my misspent youth i got into all those surf/garage bands on Estrus and wound up with a handful of these 7″s (and a few 12″s. we’ll get to those eventually)… had a 7″ from each of these bands plus a split between them, so may as well throw these three up together…personally the Apemen are more to my liking these days and i kinda think that was always the case… anyway, here we have:

cover-sm4Mono Men – “Mystery Girl” 7″

cover-1-mono-smcover-2-ape-smMono Men/Apemen split 7″

cover-sm5The Apemen – s.t. 7″

The Evil Hoodoo 7″

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cover-sm3just becuase, it’s eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil. i mean, look at that skull. LOOK AT IT! EEEEEEEEEVIL!!!!

(oh, it’s only 2 songs btw, depsite the claim to the contrary on the cover)

Doo Rag – “Hussy Bowler” 7″

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two tunes in glorious mono from the rulers of the mid-90s shit-fi heap.

Dos – “The Bob Lawton ep”

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cover-sm1indieland’s favorite bass-playing couple Kira Roesller and Mike Watt doin’ their thing on another Ecstatic Peace release from… 18 years ago? jesus christ i feel old now…

Yoshimi – “Speaker/Tuna Power” 7″

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cover-smBoredoms/Free Kitten/Ooioo drummer does vanity record for Thurston Moore‘s vanity label, back in 1993. that about sums this one up 😉