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Spacebox – “dto.”

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Uli Trepite’s (of Guru Guru fame) primary concern in the later half of the 70s… sorry, not in the mood to write a missive right now and there’s a handy little text-info file included to give you a bit more detail anyway… this showed up a while ago on the long-gone Krautrock Team blog, but I figure it’s worth resurrecting, so

have at it

Psycho Baba – “On the Roof of Kedar Lodge”

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yet another Boredoms side-project of sorts here, featuring Yoshimi and ATR. has some similarities to Rovo with trance-like aspects, Indian-music influences and eastern instrumentation, etc. not really in the mood to write a huge missive today so hopefully that’ll give you enough of an idea what you’re in for.

get it here

Killer Pussy – “Bikini Wax”

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blog searches yesterday turned up a few hits of ppl who’d posted some variation of the infamous “Teenage Enema Nurses” track, either on compilations or with links to You Tube vids of the track… no one seemed to have posted any other tracks though… so I did some digging elsewhere and came with this. apologies for the low bit-rate and jacked tags, but this was the only copy I could track down. with titles like “Pocket Pool”, “Dildo Desire” and “Pepperoni Ice Cream,” themes don’t stray too far from the group’s hit single… just a bit of fun for today, enjoy it if you’re so inclined

Skullflower – “IIIrd Gatekeeper”

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my relationship with this album over the years has been somewhat on-again/off-again… back in the early-90s when I discovered Zeni Geva, I went through a phase of getting my hands on anything I could that purported to sound even remotely like them… which included this album. loved it at the time. interests evolved and/or changed over the years and then, a few years back I found myself wanting to revisit it, so I tracked down a used… or was it “new-old stock”? – copy. for some reason it didn’t grab me the way it used to… might have something to do with the fact that I used to listen to it a lot while I was high, but I digress… anyway, Jake recently made a passing comparison to it in his recent post of Ramleh‘s “Blowhole” LP (which also included Chrome‘s excellent “3rd from the Sun” LP, btw) and I was prompted to revisit it yet again. sat down with it a good handful of times this past weekend and realized how great it actually is. in fact, I’d now go so far as to say that Bower & co. – despite the man’s prolific output in numerous projects over the years since – maybe aren’t properly recognized as ancestors of today’s also-prolific mass of doom/drone bands/artists. T’would appear that Crucial Blast Records are aiming to rectify this however, as they’ve recently released a re-mastered re-issue of this masterpiece, with expanded contents and a new package design. hell, they’ve even made t-shirts to go with it (scroll down a bit). what I present here is a rip of the original CD (i.e. not remastered) and with no artwork, so check it out to see if you like it and then head over there for the newer “deluxe” version. while you’re at it, check out some of the other great artists on the label like Trees, Wildildlife, The Goslings, Totimoshi, Monarch! and others.

V/A – “2:00 Matinee” (RRRecords)

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one of RRR‘s infamous black-carboard-sleeve releases, this one compiles excerpts from Saturday-afternoon performances that occurred at the infamous store circa 1997. what was your first guess? some of it’s pretty boring, but there are some choice bits from Foom, Idea Fire Company and Quarreling Xenophobic Waitresses, among others… tracks are titled by artist.


Arzachel – s.t. LP

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although they do seem to be slowly resurrecting and looking for other options, it doesn’t appear that Lost In Tyme have got all of their archives restored as of yet (many of the listings lead to dead links/erased posts)… so unless/until they do, I feel obligated to make available this spacey, keyboard-laden psych/prog masterpiece from 1969, containing then-future members of Egg and Gong. definitely one of the best albums I had picked up over there and very much worth keeping available.

go get it

Hellchild – “Circulating Contradiction”

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can you tell I’ve been in a metal mood lately? call me Pat Boone… anyway, this little gem is a blast from my fanzine-making past that doesn’t seem to be in print these days… hell, the copy I have is a cardboard-sleeve promo that I think I got from either Boris or Corrupted when I used to correspond with them in the mid-90s… I remember a lot of friendly cross-promotion going on back then and when you’d get a promo package from one band, half the time they’d include stuff from two or three other bands they were friends with at the same time.

memory-lane strolling aside, it still stands as one hell of a punishing album even by todays standards… a straight up brutal mix of hardcore and death metal with a ferocity matched by few bands in either genre at the time. can’t really find anything indicating whether they’re active now – seems like their last release was in 2001.

this one came out on Howling Bull on 1997. nice discography page here. not much else to say, really…

grab it and get your face punched in

Behold… the… Coroner?

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let’s begin by framing this post with a bit of context. the place where I currently reside – a little place known as Moncton – has a pretty nice local music scene; with plenty of great bands and some very decent venues at which to witness them. one thing we don’t get a lot of here is out-of-town bands – especially the type who come from countries other than Canada – who will actually tour or play in this part of North America (for you yanks, we happen to be located east – and depending which part of the state you’re in, north – of Maine). granted I’ve missed a few (damn kids), but in the past two years the biggest names I recall playing shows here are Behemoth, Martyr, Krisiun/Belphegor and Rotting Christ. oh, did I mention it’s a pretty metal town too? yeah 😉

so when a rumor began to circulate that my favorite prog/shred-metal band Behold… the Arctopus were going to play here, I figured it had to be bullshit. the source of the rumor was a band in another town 1.5 hrs away from here who had apparently been contacted about setting up the gig and sharing the bill. and then… nothing. no promotion. no word of any other kind. this probably wasn’t helped by the fact that the guys who run the main venue(s) in town, where the show was supposedly taking place, were out of town on tour with their own band. but in the end, it turned out to be true and thankfully – mostly through word of mouth and a thread on a local message board – there was a decent turnout. not only that, but it turned out to be their first-ever show in Canada.

a while back, a friend of mine had jokingly used the term “skullfucking” when someone asked what type of music Behold… plays. it might have been more accurate than first predicted, because my brain was melted, blown through the back of my head repeatedly and I was indeed skullfucked numerous times by their performance. not only that, but they played another gig in a smaller town 20 minutes from here two nights after the first one. a group of about ten of us from here drove down for that one as well and we were pretty much the only people who stuck around to watch their set. so I got skullfucked all over again. bought a bunch of their merch (they must have brought most of it on tour with them though b/c the site is sold out of a bunch of stuff I picked up at the gig – translation: GO SEE THEM IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS STUFF). talked to them a fair bit both nights as well – couldn’t ask for a more stellar and down-to-earth bunch of guys. considering their combined talent, having egos to match would be entirely justified – but none of that here. they just kept thanking us profusely for coming to the shows (especially the second one) when it should have been us thanking them for playing here. yes, I’m getting somewhere with this.

in all of my gushing over these shows in various places on teh interweb so far this week, one thing is becoming oddly clear to me: not nearly as many people know about this band as I originally thought. or, people know but just don’t care/aren’t into it – which is fair enough I suppose, since it does take a certain type of music fan to truly appreciate what they’re doing here. either way though, they’ve pretty much become my favorite active band (not that I didn’t like them a lot already) on the strength of these two shows, so I’m gonna plug the hell out of ’em.

for anyone who hasn’t heard them yet, the only way I can describe them is with a metaphor: calling Behold… the Arctopus the next evolutionary step after late-80s Voivod would be like calling King Crimson the evolution of early Black Sabbath. I made a comment while mesmerized by their live DVD at post-show party that I’ll stick by: this band is something you want your planet to be remembered by. I semi-seriously considered buying a second copy of the DVD to put in a time-capsule.

hear them for yourself on their myspace page.

let’s not forget to mention the fact that these guys are all pretty prolific musicians who also play in other bands and/or have solo projects of their own.

Colin Marston (Warr guitar – that’s the big Chapman-Stick type thing he’s holding in the pics, btw):

– plays bass in Relapse math/prog-rock outfit Dysrhythmia

– does all instrumentation and drum-programming (with live drum samples as opposed to “canned” sounds) in his similarily-styled solo project Indricothere

– does all sorts of things in experimental/metal duo Infidel?/Castro!

– plays guitar (and collaborates with Jarboe) in experimental/drone/ambient duo Byla

Mike Lerner (guitar) also has a solo project called Direwolf in which he handles all instrumentation, vocals and drum programming. another must-hear.

Charlie Zeleny (drums):

– also drums with the most excellent Blotted Science, which is spearheaded by guitar mastermind Ron Jarzombek, formerly of (80s tech-thrash wizards) Watchtower and Spastik Ink.

– played on the yet-to-be-released new Kayo Dot album, which he tells us is “a lot more jazzy” than their earlier material

now that I’m done with the (deserved) pimping, it’s worth pointing out that Behold… added a cover to their set at the second show. when Colin announced it, everyone in the place thought he had said “this is by a band called Foreigner” in an attempt to either get the attention and/or make fun of the freaked-out, head-scratching, violence-contemplating rednecks in other sections of the bar. my friend asked him about it after the set – as it turned out, he had actually said “this is by a band called Coroner“… upon this reveal, my brain instantly jumped to my youthful days of catching (and VCR-taping) the “Masked Jackal” video on the good ol’ Power Hour. for some reason, I had only ever checked out Coroner‘s first two albums “R.I.P” and “Punishment for Decadence”… actually, the exact reason is likely that I had no idea they’d become progressively more technical with each subsequent album. to rectify this gross misjudgment on my part, I set about familiarizing myself with their later albums in an attempt to figure out what the cover was. if my guess is right, it’ll turn out I didn’t have to go much further than Coroner‘s third opus, No More Color (that’s a link to the album so y’all can’t say I didn’t give ya nothin’ t’day… ingrates 😛 )… based on parts I remember hearing at the show (especially the intro), I’m convinced that Behold… covered what has become my favorite track on this album: “Tunnel of Pain”. and hell, if I’m wrong I still discovered (better late than never) another excellent older album to share with you, my faithful readers.

last but not least: I don’t often do this sort of thing – in fact, this might be the first time I’ve ever posted pictures on this blog – but how ’bout some evidence of (one of) the shows in question:

Tethuo – “Rensha” ep

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since this one also disappeared quickly from Sludge Swamp, allow me to present it again. it’s a one-track, 16 minute ep this band released in 2000 I believe… I’ll come clean with the fact that I know virtually nothing about them trivia-wise, but I’ve had it on constantly since grabbing it and can’t seem to locate any new copies for sale anywhere… all you really need to know is that this is sludge done the way sludge should be done: ridiculously heavy with insane distortion, improving on something of Western origin as only the Japanese can… and if worse comes to worse: it’s only 16 minutes of your life