Sector 2814

a word on this in general…

sharing is caring.

but if you have a legitimate claim to something here and want it removed, let me know in a comment or an email.

i’m here to (try to) help, not to hurt.

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  1. Kid Millions said,

    Hey brah –

    Can you please remove the link to the Sightings record? We spent 100s of hours on that record for free. . .we’re trying to break even on it so we can release more stuff by the band. I’d appreciate it. There are officially released tracks out there to share.

    All the best – thanks – KM

    PS – I am the principle of Brah Records. . .

  2. Paul Dickow said,

    Hi! It would be great if you could remove the link for the Evolutionary Jass Band CD. I appreciate that you liked it enough to share, and we can supply freely distributable released material on request. Please contact me if you are interested in our other releases at all or would like to hear more. Best regards,
    Paul Dickow

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