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Borbetomagus/Shaking Ray Levis 10″

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on August 30, 2009

color side smpicture-disc collab release from the well-known skronk merchants in Borbetomagus and the probably lesser-known Levis. in a nutshell, this basically adds the synth + drums “core” of the Shaking Ray Levi Society (aka Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner) to the usual dual-sax + guitar caterwaul of Sauter & Co.; the end result sounding not entirely unlike William Hooker‘s brilliant “Radiation” release that would follow it a few years later. i think i’ve seen this posted elsewhere recently but oh well… this is my OWN rip of copy #73 (out of 1000), so THERE.

Trumans Water – “Fragments of a Lucky Break” LP

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cover smpicked this up when i saw them live in… ’99, i guess it was. heard hide nor hair of this album – or the label it came out on – since then. i guess you can say it’s fairly standard fare/more of the same for them, but in their case that’s hardly a bad thing.

Trumans Water – a couple 7″s

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cover smOur Scars Like Badges 7″

cover smSkyjacker 7″

the first of these was on 80s indie/noise rock-haven Homestead and the second was, once again, on Sympathy For The Record Industry. as for the contents, it’s pretty much standard fare for this lot – quirky, noisy rock that sounds like it could fall apart at the seams any minute, but somehow never does. there’s a third uncredited track of what sounds like sax skronk on the b-side of “Skyjacker” – i ripped and indexed it in the same file as the lead b-side track, since it’s not distnguished as separate anywhere else in the packaging.

Skullflower – a couple 7″s

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cover smEvil Knievel 7″

cover smSatan My Black Ass 7″

you all know who this is, right? even if you don’t i’m not up for waxing poetic at the moment so go have a gander at my previous post of their “IIIrd Gatekeeper” album for a bit more info. the first of these two was on Sympathy For The Record Industry and has some of the best cover art ever (IMO of course). the second was on Forced Exposure (yeah, they do – or did, at least – occasionally put out their own records as well as distributing a small country’s worth of other labels) and i’m not 100% that’s the actual title, but it otherwise didn’t have one and that seemed like the best option to go with.

Voorhees – “Spilling Blood Without Reason” LP

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coverexcellent mid-90s Neg. Approach-style hardcore throwback here. some of the songs run together on the vinyl – there are no missing tracks, but the indexing skips a number wherever one file contains two songs.

Ancient Chinese Secret – “Caveat Empire”

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folderquick diversion from my own rips for this amazing release by this one-off Chris Dodge (Spazz, Hellnation, East West Blast Test, etc) project also featuring his wife Lydia on vox/organ and former Capitalist Casualties drummer Matt Martin. released around the turn of the decade as one of the final outings on Dodge’s own Slap A Ham label, it’s a twisted, genre-bending meeting of Man Is The Bastard, NoMeansNo, Melt-Banana and Boredoms tossed into a no-wave/powerviolence blender of pure excellence. but why are you still reading this?

Cavity – “Human Abjection” LP

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covera few years after sludge-masters Eyehategod and Grief took the early 90s underground/extreme music scene by storm, these Floridians stepped up to the plate with what was, at the time, a fairly unique blend of the aforementioned sludge style with more “straight ahead” hardcore. it’s been done countless times since, but, everything good gets imitated sooner or later. this one always got bonus points with me for being on transparent-blue vinyl – possibly my favorite vinyl color ever. not that it’s of utmost importance or anything, but… yeah. anyway: THE MOOOOOOZIK