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Hair and Skin Trading Co…mpany

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on December 22, 2008

“Ground Zero” 12″:


“Psychedelische Musique (Lava Surf Kunst)”


after X-ray BBQ‘s recent post of the latter outing from these ex-Loopsters, i dug up the former for a sort of side-by-side. two completely different bands almost… you can decide whether the industrial-tinged brit-post-punk of the 12″, or the kraut-redux This Heat-isms of the LP, are more to your liking. a bit of something to be said for both in my estimation, but then, as you can tell by reading my own tastes are quite widely varied.

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  1. the former is the same as the latter, at least as far as where the links point to. try again? i heart hair & skin, though i lack both of these. my experience leads me to find thm vaguely reminiscent of orichalc phase/oscillation…

  2. Mogo said,

    weird, thanks for the heads up… copy/paste must not have worked and/or i was half asleep… either way it’s fixed now.

  3. thx 4 that. anyways, i found over valence to be impeccable. coming from that reference point, i found ground zero ambitious but didn’t fulfill my expectations, all things considered. on the other hand, that latter album is unbelievable and far exceeds them! nothing wrong with a little neo-kraut, especially when it gets all dada and abstract. i again will suggest nearly everything demian castellanos (the oscillation) has ever done.

  4. Mars said,

    I think HASTCO were hoping to round Loop’s harsh edge and get paid IN THOSE SWEET 90’S ALTERNA-BUCKS, so ‘Jo In 9 G Hell’ (which Ground Zero was released to promote) got kinda goofy at times. But it’s not all crap, I’d certainly check it out. ‘Levers’ off of ‘Over Valence’ is probably my all time favorite HASTCO track.

  5. Mars said,

    Oh yeah, The Oscillation are really good. I should know better, but I’d recommend my group Penta Cons. It’s just in sketch mode as of now (no vocals – no set arrangements, mistakes), but if you’re down with Krautrock, mid-late 80’s NY No Wave (Live Skull, Rat At Rat R, Sonic Youth, pre-metal Helmet & White Zombie), as well as Loop and Hastco, you’ll probably like us.
    Just one track, as not to bore you!

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