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shut up you fucking windbag (aka “about the author”)

there used to be a huge bunch of text here about a bunch of bands I like. if you can’t get the gist of it from the posts, I basically like no-wave, noise rock and the newer “mutant” punk-y bands; math rock and some prog; psychedelia of various types; black, death and technical metal (the weirder the better); Japanese music; been getting back into some free-jazz stuff lately too.

personal shit: I’m separated (divorce pending), have two daughters (names withheld to protect the innocent), and am pretty geeky about comic books as well. I’ve made a lot of my own music in the past… some of it is published RIGHT HERE

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  1. misspudding said,

    You might as well have said, “I listen to damn near EVERYTHING”. Shit, man!

    I do like the math rock, too. And just about everything that isn’t on the radio.

    I’ll admit a weakness, though, to Justin Timberlake. I have no fucking clue as to why but…oh well.

    Nice to have you in the blogging sphere, Dorf! Welcome!

  2. Mars said,

    100% Total Porno. Thank you 110%! This blog is tops in my book! how do you play your acidplanet tunes? The Windows Media window pops up but no sound emits.

  3. Mogo said,

    hm… sorry, but I’m not sure what the problem would be… the acidplanet pages (and the WM pop-ups) are working fine from here…

  4. Mars said,

    It’s probably my crap WiFi. I’ll try again!

  5. Jason said,

    Woke up this morning with, off all things, the song “Art Band” by Zoogz Rift. I don’t know where the hell that came from, but lo and behold, while perusing your site: “Looser Than Clams”! that’s just plain silly! Excellent job on your blog, glad you have heaps of Yoshida Tatsuya posted, looking forward to hearing Ruinzhatova, been wanting to for a while. But you take care and good luck with everything,


  6. Stylar said,

    I LOVE THIS. Just saying.

  7. Bruno said,

    Hey man,

    I love your blog and check it regularly. In order to give back here is some stuff of mine. I’d love to know what you think.

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