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small “showcase” of this net-label who have more 8-bit/chiptune/NES/Coleco/etc sounds available for free DL than you can shake a stick at. pretty much all of the releases are eps, so there’s no excuse not to do some listening – if worse comes to worse, it won’t take that many minutes outta yer life. hell, even on shitty laptop speakers this stuff sounds at least as good as the actual game systems woulda sounded comin’ outta yer TV speaker(s). here’s few highlights/favorites o’ mine, zipped up in handy/convenient single packages for ya (ya get one track at a time on the site):

Coleco Music – “Confessions in a Chat Room”

Trash80 – “Icarus”

Mr. Spastic – “Uber l33t n00b br34k5”

Stickmen – “Insatiable”

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complete discography of this criminally overlooked Philly no-wave group


Mr. California and the State Police – “25 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbors” 7″

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i saw some asshat trying to sell this 7″ for $14.00

fuck that

The Smell of Incense – “All Mimsy Were the Borogoves”

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psyche merchants with an apparent “Alice in Wonderland” obsession.


Hapshash and the Coloured Coat – “Featuring the Human Host and the Heavy Metal Kids”

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whaddaya get when ya hand instruments to people who usually design posters for other famous psyche merchants of their era? something like this cross between the mighty Godz and the infamous Fugs, with a dash of early Amon Duul.

for real

Multiplex – “World”

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our friend at Lo-Res Viscera posted the amazing Force album the other day and, in the process, reminded me of another old favorite of mine, Multiplex. a few folks posted links in his comments for Multiplex albums and i grabbed this one, only to discover that the tags were all screwy and the track names weren’t listed anywhere. so, i lovingly re-tagged everything with the correct titles etc; and i now lovingly re-present this weirdo-grind classic for y’all


S.I.D.S. – “My Other Vehicle is a Stretcher” 7″

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try turning up any useful info about these electro-punks – either using the acronym or the full term Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – on a search engine. go ahead. i’ll wait.

fun wasn’t it? so we can be thankful for a resource like Discogs, who inform us that these Modern Mutants released this 7″ on Goodnight Records back in 2006. they were kind enough to include with it a CD-R of the songs to save wear n’ tear on the vinyl copy, as well as a live DVD (not included here).

enjoy these two slabs of synth-driven, new-no-wave mutant electro-punk.

Discordance Axis – “The Inalienable Dreamless”

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one of the best goddamn grind records ever released, right here folks. apparently it came out in about a thousand different formats and packaging variations. and i think that’s all we need to say.


The Accused – “Martha Splatterhead’s Maddest Stories Ever Told”

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taking a sharp turn from this week’s earlier posts to bring you one of the best albums by pretty much THE best thrash/”crossover” band to ever exist. no other band in this little sub-genre even came close to being this tight while still managing to sound like they were on the verge of falling into complete chaos any second…

if you honestly have no idea who or what… well… google is your friend.


Glass Candy – “B/e/a/t/b/o/x”

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tour-only limited release from these Italian disco-mutants. i’m sick and don’t feel like writing much, so if those cover images don’t give ya an idea what yer in for then i guess you’ll have to take a chance.


Hide n’ Go Freak – “Strategy for Living in an Unliveable Situation” 7″

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according to google and the internet in general, you’d be hard pressed to know this record – or band – ever actually existed… no myspace page, no discogs page, etc etc…

yet here it is: a nice 10-ish minute burst of that no-wave-ish mutant-punk all the cool kids are groovin on these days.

searched high and low for a cover image or even a band photo but turned up nada. if you can help with either, please leave a comment and i’ll contact you. thanks.

Trin-Tran – “Live Stuffs”

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2005 material here from the best damn one-man-band ever. I mean, seriously, it used to take whole bands of 3 or 4 people to sound this no-wave 25-30 years ago. and he hasn’t even really updated the technology any from what they used back then. you’re only cheating yourself if you skip this one.

Unicorn Hard-On – “An Investigation of Feathers and Flight”

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continuing with more releases from artists featured on the Modern Mutant’s Music Book comp. I posted a while back, here we find further elaboration on val martino’s noise-meets-primitive techno-meets-NDW excursions, as only hinted at on the comp (which, incidentally, contains the shortest track to appear here-in). from what I can gather this was a limited CD-R, later re-issued as a limited cassette. see his myspace page for currently available releases and t-shirts. meanwhile, the #5 position on the top-10 artist/band-names-of-all-time list goes to:

Unicorn Hard-On <—- (that’s the link, dummy)

Nero’s Day at Disneyland – “Colonists”

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if you like your breakcore chiptunes-stylee with a healthy amount of noise/collage thrown in, then look no further. actually, don’t look at all – since it was a CD-R release limited to 100 copies; grabbing this, converting to .wav and burning it is probably as close as you’re gonna get to holding a copy in your hands.

but let’s let the (chip)tunes live on, shall we?

Maska Genetik – “Quarantine” 7″

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released a couple years back in a limited edition of 498, this russian oddity is a throwback to late-70s/early 80s industrial ala T.G., Monte Cazazza and is peppered with just enough song-like quality to conjure a hazy image of Suicide. I’m going to assume a passing knowledge of such pioneers if you’re here in the first place and trust that it gives enough of an idea what you’re in for. more sounds for and from modern mutants.