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Sun City Girls – “Napoleon & Josephine” 7″

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cover-sm13you know who they are, you know what they do (did)… and if for some reason you don’t, fun though they are, these 10-ish minutes won’t do much to clue you in.

Caroliner/Eeyore – split 7″

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cover-caroliner-smcover-eeyore-smanother Eerie Materials outing here and a long-time favorite of mine. pretty sure anyone who’s steeped in this stuff will know who Caroliner – billed here as Caroliner Rainbow Fire Tongues on the Fingermill of the Paste Demon – are. Eeyore – billed here as Eeyore Ass Guzzler – are their cousins in spirit if not actually related somehow. another one of the fun things about these limited releases was the handmade covers – at least the Eeyore half of *my* cover is the only one that looks that that, since the various pieces of the image – including that little green birth control pill under their name – are glued to the sky-blue backround. fun times.

Evolution Control Committee – “The Whipped Cream Mixes” 7″

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#8 in the Eerie Themes series shows that our favorite plunderers ECC – who’ve received plenty of prior coverage ’round these parts – had coinded the idea (if not the term) of “mash-ups” about a decade before the world at large caught onto the phenomenon. not only that, but they pretty much made it unnecessary for anyone else to bother trying… i mean, “accapella” Chuck D over Herb Alpert instrumentals? yeah… everyone else can drop their vinyl crates at the door and head back home.

Stock, Hausen and Walkman – “Broccoli/Stripper” 7″

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cover-sm10unfortunately i’ve only got two of the releases from this Eerie Themes series released by Eerie Materials in the mid-90s: this one, and tomorrow’s post… no indication anywhere whether this one – #8 in the series – should be spun at 33 or 45. i thought it sounded better at 33.

ps – if anyone has or knows where to find copies of Eerie Themes #s 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 or 7, i’d be grateful for a hook-up. watch for #4 tomorrow.

Mev – “Live 94″ 7”

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cover-sm9about 12 minutes of live improv from the 1994 incarnation of this well-known and long-standing improv ensemble. Musica Elettronica Viva!

AMK – “HiFi” 7″

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cover-sm8pretty much the definition of a novelty record if there ever was one, this is one case where digital versions will never approximate owning the real thing and manipulating it on a turntable. first it should be noted that all of the sound sources used to create this were taken from manipulated vinyl, making it a bit of an insular experience from the get-go… so you’ve got the a-side, which plays at 45rpm and has a few locked grooves along the way… then you’ve got the b-side, which plays at 33rpm and is billed as “21 locked grooves” but, who the hell can tell, because a bunch of them are cut in a way that makes the needle skate backward into a previous groove… and it will do this for 2 or 3 grooves at a time in some cases, before it advances to another one and actually stays put. and this doesn’t start right away either, since the first bunch are just straight-forward locks. so like i said, this is a case where these rips really only represent the one time *i* played with the thing… because more so than most other vinyl, when played in real life this is truly an experience that’s never the same thing twice.

Pork Queen – s.t. (?) 7″

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cover-sm7two fine slabs of noise from these fellow Canucks, who were likely best known for their split LP with Noggin

Richard Franecki – untitled (or self-titled?) 7″

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cover-sm6this F/i stalwart has also been known to strike out on his own… as he did here. sorry i don’t feel too talkative. shorter records = shorter posts, i guess.

Neil Hamburger – “Bartender The Laugh’s On Me” 7″

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cover-sm5there is kind of a through-line between these last few posts since Gregg Turkington had something to do with all of them. he “produced” this one. as for Neil himself, well, you either know or you don’t. and if you don’t, you can find out.

Zip Code Rapists – “The Man Can’t Bust Our Music” 7″

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cover-sm4back when i first posted this, i’d included it with their other 92124 ep and it turns out i’d found an incomplete copy anyway. i finally found and ripped my own copy, so here it is in all it’s glory, “Darn It Duck” included!

edit: removed at the request of Eabla Records, who will evidently be re-issuing this in some form shortly. keep an eye out for it.

Faxed Head – “Coalinga” 7″

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cover-sm3yeah yeah, both of these tracks are on “Uncomfortable but Free” but you don’t get all the other awesome Coalinga artifacts – including a letter of recommendation from the frickin’ MAYOR – with it. you do here. so take the extra copies of the tracks along with the images and be glad i wasn’t an asshole who ripped both sides of this, since they’re identical too. show some pride in the best parapalegic black metal ever made.

Suckdog – “Kill Ralph Records” 7″

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side-a-smside-b-etched-smas the “artist” herself so eloquently states toward the end of this masterpiece: “Lisa is a capitalist, that’s the point that you all missed”. one-sided 7″ with an etched b-side. pretty much the definition of “pointless novelty record” if ever there was one… heh.

Kings of Feedback

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cover-sm2rear-smcover-1-kof-smcover-2-hd-smBill T Miller first came to my attention via his production/studio work with sludge-masters Grief, though i soon realized i’d been encountering him by way of his own various projects like K.O.F. and Out of Band Experience – who share one of these 7″s – both of whom appear on the recently-posted RRR-100, among other places. the other split featured here is with Boston band High Defiance, whom i’ve never encountered outside this 7″. kind of an early version of “metalcore” (it was 1995) with some obnoxious DJ scratching and a totally ripping Maiden bit at the end of their tune. bit of an odd pairing, but in the best way possible.


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cover-sm1i have no recollection of where i got this from but if i had to guess, most likely RRR mailorder back in the day. excerpts of interviews with Ed Kemper, Henry Lee Lucas, Ted Bundy and Ken Bianchi. not sure, but the Bianchi bit sounds like it might be confession tapes. anyway, a bit of a silly novelty, but fun if you’re into that sort of thing.

oh, and guess what color the vinyl is?

RRR-100: 100 locked grooves by 100 artists

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cover-smso i finally got that USB turntable i’ve been thinking about for ages. which means we’ll be taking a bit of a turn and concentrating mainly on rips from my good ol’ vinyl collection for the foreseeable future. since i’m mainly starting out with 7″s, which are fairly easy to rip even to my exacting standards (ha), there should also be an increase in the frequency of posts (no promises tho).

so i figured what better way to usher this “new age of the sector” than a nice follow-up on our previous post – which was actually the follow-up to this. since it came out a little earlier in RRR‘s storied existence, it features a higher concentration of older/more “famous” noise/”experimental” artists (PBK, Idea Fire Company, Big City Orchestra, Arcane Device, Borbetomagus, F/i, Blackhouse, Small Cruel Party, Skullflower, PGR, Beequeen, Kapotte Muziek, Caroliner, Achim Wollscheid, Emil Beaulieu, etc). there’s a fully numbered artist listing on the rear cover, of which an image is included – if you can’t read it on your screen then print it out, it’s pretty big.

and it’s Feb. 14, so consider this my valentine to y’all.

feel the love

RRR-500: 500 locked grooves by 500 artists

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rrr500i rarely put anything up that i’ve seen on other blogs, but i fully claim re-posting rights on this one since i’m actually ON THE DAMN THING. 5 times, no less (grooves 77-81). what can i say… RRRon had asked me to contribute 10 artists/grooves from the little cassette label i ran at the time (Mutant Cactus Recordings)… there weren’t even 10 artists on the “roster” by that point and a few who were had already contributed via associations with other micro-labels. i was already using two pseudonyms to release stuff, i just made up 3 more to complete the full 10. i even had to get contributions from a couple friends i hadn’t released anything by. incidentally, one of the grooves i created under the name Aardvark actually consists of layers/manipulations of some of the grooves from the original RRR-100 7″ (how’s that for incestuous referencing?). anyway, i was amazed to discover someone had actually taken the time to digitize all 500 grooves when i saw that Aesop had already posted it at the mighty Cosmic Hearse… like i said, i’m not normally one to blatantly steal material from other blogs, but i think my own involvement in the proceedings excuses me this time around.

Blood of the Black Owl

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coverdebut CD-R (later re-issued, i think?) of bone-chilling… well, i dunno if i’d call it black metal like everyone else seems to. it’s got BM elements for sure, most notably the guitar tone… but it mostly moves at the pace of sluggish doom (complete with Khanate-ish tortured vocals) and has moments of outright dark ambience. call it whatever the fuck you want i guess, as long as you listen.

Negative Reaction – “The Orion Chronicles”

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cover1some primo, nearly decade-old sludge for ya here folks. although i eliminated the sixteen 1:12 tracks of silence between the first two songs and the (uncredited) “hidden” track – if you really want to waste space on your HD with 19+ minutes of silent audio files, i guess you’ll have to get this somewhere else.

Burnt Hills – “Cloud Nine”

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coverit’s a shame there were only 50 copies of this CD-R made, because it’s a pretty goddamn glorious racket of noisy psyche with a good helping of percussion. definitely deserves to be heard, so get to it.

Baby Grandmothers – “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out”

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baby-grandmothers-00-front1to hear this album you’d think these Swedes got hold of some of the early Amon Düül records and went on a worship/imitation-is-the-sincerest-form-of-flattery trip… until you realized that it was recorded in 1967 and if anything, it was the other way around. incidentally, some compilation-makers seem to think they were Fins rather than Swedes… but i digress. this has probably been up somewhere already but who cares – it’s worth the half-hour of your time it’ll take to listen to it