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The Godz – “Godz 2”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on June 28, 2009

covereither this or it’s predecessor appeared quite some time ago on the long-deleted blogspot version of Spending Loud Night, who seems to have also recently resumed posting – much to my surprise when i wandered over there to grab this link.

anyway, upon hearing this – along with fellow mid-60s ESP-Disk oddities The Fugs (who were recently chronichled over at Decrepit Tapes) – i became accutely aware that there was, in fact, a precedent for the Sun City Girls prior to their existence (their early cover of The Fugs‘ “CIA Man” making this fairly obvious).

so what was the precedent for this? who the fuck knows. drugs probably had something to do with it… and given their involvement with ESP Disk, it’s likely that the freer forms of jazz primarily purveyed by that label had an influence… but whatever the case, you should become familiar with this tripped out garage-folk fuckery post haste.

Units – “Digital Stimulation”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on June 22, 2009

units - digital stimulation - 01 - frontbeen a while… generally not feelin this a whole lot lately. might come back to it regularly, might just post sporadically when something really jumps out at me. in the meantime, i doubt i’ll be bothered with any re-up requests. most of this stuff has been here a good while now and a lot of it is available easily enough if you know where to look.

anyway, onto this… long story short, some great and underrated synth-punk i only recently discovered myself. as far as i know this was their only full length release… there’s a newer discography/early-years type thing recently out that contains this and a bunch of singles n’ whatnot. Forced Exposure has it, i’m sure a bunch of other easy-to-find-on-teh-webz places do as well.

in the meantime, enjoy this pre-remaster version of the LP