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Discordance Axis – “Jouhou” LP

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on July 27, 2009

coverthese guys need no introduction. or rather: if they do, you’re in the wrong place. this is the LP release on Devour – CD version had more songs. those aren’t here. be a purist and deal with it 😉

Krisiun/Viollent Hate split LP

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cover Krisiun

cover Viollent Hate

continuing in an apparent tradition of South American bands with mispelled names, we bring you this mid-90s split LPs from two Brazillian outfits: one a known quantity, the other, not so much. Krisiun were a 4-piece at this point, adding a second-stringer by the last name of Souza to the trio of brothers that still comprise the band’s line-up today. potential relevance: Viollent Hate‘s singer shares the same last name, and the VH dudes look a lot younger in general, lending the impression that they might have been the band of the now-ousted Krisiun axeman’s little brother? who knows…

at any rate, Krisiun served up 4 songs of the typically brutal DM formula they’ve yet to stray far from even today… and Viollent Hate offered some technically minded 80s thrash worship that’s pretty damn good as long as you can keep your eyes off the lyric sheet.


Profanatica/Masacre – split LP

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on July 20, 2009

Profanatica coverspeaking of fucked black metal, i went crate-diggin again and found this gem from the early 90s. all you really need to know about Profanatica – aside from them predating today’s BM bands by nearly 20 years – is that their side (sub titled “Tormenting Holy Flesh”) ends with a grown man screaming “sodomy is brought upon the nuns rotting asshole!!!!”.

Masacre is neither the Flordian DM band nor the Laswell/Frith no-wave trio of similar names – note the missing “S”. despite the apparent misspelling though, that’s the correct spelling in their native tongue. they (are? were?) from Colombia, by the way.


Rites of Thy Degringolade – “An Ode To Sin”

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Rites Of Thy Degringolade - An Ode To Sinfinal mid-decade outing from this seriously fucked and truly amazing black-ish metal outfit who had the distinction of  being one of, if not the only band to share a split with the equally fucked Portal… a recent dicovery for me and i’m obviously way too late to this party since they’re no longer together… damn shame too, cuz they give Canada something else to be proud of, musically speaking

better late than never

Owl Xounds – “Teenagers From Mars” LP

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covervinyl-only outing from a permutation of this sadly-defunct Brooklyn outfit, this one featuring “core” members Adam Kriney on drums and Gene Janas on upright bass; along with Mario Rechtern (Austrian saxophonist active in free-jazz/improv since the 60s). it really hearkens back to the ESP-Disk/etc., favorites of that era and bears down with a ferocity that gives a whiff of what Last Exit might have sounded like in trio form… minus the Sharrock-shred and if Laswell were less of a wanker.

looks like some copies are still available here if you’re not vinyl impaired

but if you are, then here