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Reeks and the Wrecks – “Knife Hits”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 29, 2011

why is it that we always want what’s not in our own backyards? for some reason, when it comes to noise-rock, the Australian continent always seems to have a certain something that just isn’t there with like-minded contemporaries from elsewhere. edit: obviously, this band is a recent discovery for me. conflicting accounts i’ve encountered cite them as being from various places in the northwestern U.S. misinformation was not intentional. i’m just lazy. whether it’s the damaged blues of The Birthday Party, the coke-fueled snarl of King Snake Roost or and the general what-the-fuck of The Dead C (yes, i know they’re kiwis, i did say the Australian continent), there’s just something in the water over there that sets musicians of this ilk apart were all comparisons i drew when i first made this post, and i still stand by those. Reeks and the Wrecks are no exception and, at the risk of seeming lazy, i picked the above-mentioned touchstones specifically because this album essentially strikes me as the result of all three, tossed in a blender. so take a ride in the nutsack cadillac and set some stoners on fire on your way to the blue ballroom

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  1. McBride of Frankenstein said,

    Reeks and the Wrecks were not from Oz, they were from Portland OR.

  2. Mogo said,

    … and i just read another article saying they were from Bellingham, WA. Gotta love the internet.

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