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Nondor Nevai & Mick Barr – “Labyrintha”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 29, 2011

most of what i’ve encountered from Nondor Nevai working alone has been uninteresting to mildly-amusing-for-one-listen, at best. whether Barr‘s involvement raised the stakes, or Nevai just saves the good stuff for worthwhile releases is difficult to say… but either way, this is a release you shouldn’t miss

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  1. Bruitiste said,

    Nondor’s awesome… check out Three Tocattas

  2. Mogo said,

    been searching for that one, but to no avail so far. what i read about it probably added to my disappointment with the stuff i *did* come across

  3. Bruitiste said,

    His work is… an acquired taste for sure. I like what he’s done with TLASILA the best, outside of his most recent records (like the Nancarrow-esque pastique with player piano.)

  4. if you want a record, try putting the correct title in quotes in a search engine called google. you will probably be surprised at what you find

  5. Mogo said,

    i’m no stranger to how to do it, but in this case the only results it’s yielded me are distros, reviews and playlists

  6. NN said,
    I sell ’em

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