Sector 2814

Kodiak – s.t.

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 13, 2011

These guys won me over on their split with Nadja. Split releases don’t really have “sides” these days so it’s more about the order… needless to say, Kodiak deserved to go first. Although to be fair to them, Nadja‘s track may have been a throw-away specifically intended to help these guys out. Either way, we get more of Kodiak here (twice as much as we did on the split) and that is a good thing. even when they decide to veer into more “regular band” territory, they tie it together seemlessly with the more “drone” material, using it to reach even higher crescendos. There have been a lot of groups/artists playing “copycat” with this metal-band-that-wants-to-be-SunnO))) style… Kodiak turn in a far more solid example than most, using the “band” factor as an additive to the SunnO))) factor, rather than as a sole means of not-quite-acheiving it.

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