Sector 2814

Aural Fit – “Livestock”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on May 29, 2011

i know it seemed like i was dead. but just hadn’t found anything post-worthy in a while that wasn’t already recently posted elsewhere. also, trying a new (to me) method for the links. i’m sure you can figure it out

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  1. marshottentot said,

    Holy shit. You are still here! Color me impressed! Just put up a new post over at Spending Loud Night, myself. Looks like we’re on the same stylistic page ATM – I just posted Kousokuya’s first album. Just heard of Aural Fit, Sounds awesome! I’ll definitely be picking this one up!

  2. Mogo said,

    yeah posting is rare these days unless i happen to come across something i like that i haven’t already seen elsewhere. but yeah, pretty impressed with the Zeni Geva-isms from these guys.

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