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Veee Deee – s.t. (2 x 3″ CDR)

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on May 8, 2010

even though it’s a couple years old now, this is one of my favorite things i’ve heard this year (re-upped)

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  1. STUART said,

    This is a great one ! Thanks Man

  2. STUART said,

    Back again – I got thru the 1st piece and was a few minutes into the 2nd when I got a sound like a CD slipping and then the track stopped.

    When I unziped I did get a broken file message so could you have a chack at your end

    In the meantime I will try and download/unzip again to check its not me


  3. Jami said,

    Second disc was fantastic. Tried to dl about 4 times and kept getting error on the first disc tho. Thought it might be me but since someone else has had trouble, maybe check into it? Much Thanks

  4. STUART said,

    Back again thanks for the re-up, however its only of disc 2, I didnt keep disc one.

    Any chance of a re-up of disc one ?

    Also I found this which is some more veee deee which you may not have heard

  5. STUART said,

    Hey I had to come back already as the link I gave you above I had only just found and having listened to it I can report its F*U*K’IN amazing !!!

    I love this band theres no production they just play like this


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