Sector 2814

not just one album…

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on February 25, 2010

… but several. it’s been a pretty amazing week for great tunes from some of my favorite blogs. so rather than re-post a bunch of stuff that just went up, let’s just go visit them at the source.

up first we have:

Portal/Rites of Thy Degringolade

only THE black metal split of the decade, brought to us by The Living Doorway

then, how about some


(featuring former members of Ved Buens Ende)



(a psyche/krautrock-style project featuring legendary Voivod drummer, Away)

both brought to us by Lucidmedia

next, we get a whole whack of:

Terminal Cheesecake

lovingly brought our way by Colostomy Grab-Bag

we move on to:

No Balls

(a side project of the legendary Brainbombs)

brought to us by HATE/YOUR/SPECIES

followed by:




brought our way by [shiny grey monotone]

and last but not least, we have


brought to us by experimental, etc

you do know how to do this sort of thing, right?

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