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Ascension – “Broadcast”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on January 26, 2010

grabbed this from the Ascension mega-post @ notnotfunnotno the other day but it’s been on repeat non-stop since and too good to not post here, even tho i rarely borrow from other blogs. picture the most fuzzed, tripped out heavy psych band you can imagine. now pretend they stumbled across the most ferocious improv/free-jazz you can imagine and decided to emulate it. but without changing their instrumentation. might give you a small idea what you’re in for here

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  1. dingo said,

    hey this is dingo from nnfnn. If you, or your readers, haven’t checked out the blog cunt loaf. Loaf posted the one title 7″ and the white trash motherfuckers comp on her blog.

    Aside from one or two other comp appearances everything Ascension related is now in the world of noise download blogs.

    awesome. i love yr blog.

  2. Mogo said,

    sweet, thanks for that. i have that 7″ around here somewhere but hadn’t gotten around to ripping it yet. blog love is mutual, yours is one of my favorites. cheers!

  3. Mogo said,

    ps – the White Trash Motherfuckers comp is amazing. hadn’t heard it before… wish there was more noise around like THAT these days…

  4. dingo said,

    Obviously a blog like “No Longer Forgotten Music” might blow my whole point out of the water, but it really feels like there was less noise & underground weirdo music back then but almost all of it was of a much higher quality. I mean, I can download and listen to 25 tapes that got ripped yesterday, but none of them have the punch that Ascension’s Live/Dead or the Noggin/Pork Queen split have for me.

    I think it just boils down to the fact that you had to be really fucking driven and have gigantic balls to put out noise or experimental records back then. You didn’t have the internet. You didn’t have anywhere near the level of blogs or distros to pimp yr shit. Aside from zines, some cool stores and trying to bust your ass touring there was no exposure whatsoever. It wasn’t anywhere near as safe as it is now and it totally sank into the music.

    I mean there are guys doing really good and interesting stuff now, but that does seem to be the exception and it’s kinda a bummer.

  5. Mogo said,

    yeah you have a point… although, trust me, i was around and swapping tapes back in those days and there were plenty of shitty/uninspired tapes back then as well. the only difference was, you generally didn’t run across them unless you were actively trading – it’s not like every boombox/distortion-pedal “superstar” was showing up in the RRR catalog. i think some of them just did it so they could try to scam their way into “trading up” for tapes/records/whatever that were better than their boring shit.

    noise/experimental in general is a hit or miss proposition, IMO. regardless of the era, there’s always a handful who just “get” it and about 10x as many others who don’t. comps like that White Trash Motherfuckers were/are really good at sorting the wheat from the chaff.

    kudos on the Noggin/Pork Queen mention… i should post that if i haven’t already. i do have another Pork Queen 7″ up that i ripped a while back tho.

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