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AMM – “Combine and Laminates”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on January 26, 2010

there’s nothing particularly thrilling to me about this LP, but i had it sitting around and figured someone who reads might enjoy this sort of thing, so i ripped it anyway… aren’t i a nice guy?

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  1. @ work someone stole my The Wire issue featuring a AMM prime. I do not remember this album, tho.

    Thanks allot!
    I am a fan of Eddie Prevóst ( he is the cool in person ) and Keith Rowe.

    Hope you like this : Phil Durrant _ Thomas Lehn _ Radu Malfatti — Dach
    The scanned cover is within the iTunes converted files.

  2. Silly me, forgot the link –

  3. irishdave said,

    I enjoy this sort of thing so QED you are a nice guy! Thank you for sharing.

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