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Vampires of Dartmoore – “Dracula’s Music Cabinet”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 8, 2009

the vampires of dartmooreanother one of these who knows if the story behind it is true or total bullshit “rare” novelty things, but in this case who cares what the story is. shit is basically a spitting “image” of that freaky psych/jazz stuff that used to play in the background of those old-ass Spiderman cartoons from the 60s whenever Spidey had to go to the center of the planet to fight some mystical being in some forgotten land or some shit… and if ya got a problem with that then get yer comic-book n’ cartoon-hatin’ ass offa mah interwebz!

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  1. action said,

    from cologne to the pinnacle radio of siberia, this is not a vampire, just a transylvania

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