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Ancient Chinese Secret – “Caveat Empire”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on August 3, 2009

folderquick diversion from my own rips for this amazing release by this one-off Chris Dodge (Spazz, Hellnation, East West Blast Test, etc) project also featuring his wife Lydia on vox/organ and former Capitalist Casualties drummer Matt Martin. released around the turn of the decade as one of the final outings on Dodge’s own Slap A Ham label, it’s a twisted, genre-bending meeting of Man Is The Bastard, NoMeansNo, Melt-Banana and Boredoms tossed into a no-wave/powerviolence blender of pure excellence. but why are you still reading this?

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  1. SoandSo said,

    I have just found your great blog !!! Well, thank you.

    Is refreshing upload of Defunkt – Live At The Knitting Factory possible ? 🙂

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