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Krisiun/Viollent Hate split LP

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on July 23, 2009

cover Krisiun

cover Viollent Hate

continuing in an apparent tradition of South American bands with mispelled names, we bring you this mid-90s split LPs from two Brazillian outfits: one a known quantity, the other, not so much. Krisiun were a 4-piece at this point, adding a second-stringer by the last name of Souza to the trio of brothers that still comprise the band’s line-up today. potential relevance: Viollent Hate‘s singer shares the same last name, and the VH dudes look a lot younger in general, lending the impression that they might have been the band of the now-ousted Krisiun axeman’s little brother? who knows…

at any rate, Krisiun served up 4 songs of the typically brutal DM formula they’ve yet to stray far from even today… and Viollent Hate offered some technically minded 80s thrash worship that’s pretty damn good as long as you can keep your eyes off the lyric sheet.


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  1. Violentus said,

    Total Violence!Kill,Kill,Kill,Kill!

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