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Owl Xounds – “Teenagers From Mars” LP

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on July 6, 2009

covervinyl-only outing from a permutation of this sadly-defunct Brooklyn outfit, this one featuring “core” members Adam Kriney on drums and Gene Janas on upright bass; along with Mario Rechtern (Austrian saxophonist active in free-jazz/improv since the 60s). it really hearkens back to the ESP-Disk/etc., favorites of that era and bears down with a ferocity that gives a whiff of what Last Exit might have sounded like in trio form… minus the Sharrock-shred and if Laswell were less of a wanker.

looks like some copies are still available here if you’re not vinyl impaired

but if you are, then here

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  1. adam said,

    thanks for caring, i been sad we been defunct, didn’t think anyone even knew or noticed…btw, theres 3 more studio albums unreleased, all fucking INSANE by the way…someday.

  2. Mogo said,

    damn… hope they see the light of day!

    i noticed and i, too, was sad. thanks for stopping by!

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