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Units – “Digital Stimulation”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on June 22, 2009

units - digital stimulation - 01 - frontbeen a while… generally not feelin this a whole lot lately. might come back to it regularly, might just post sporadically when something really jumps out at me. in the meantime, i doubt i’ll be bothered with any re-up requests. most of this stuff has been here a good while now and a lot of it is available easily enough if you know where to look.

anyway, onto this… long story short, some great and underrated synth-punk i only recently discovered myself. as far as i know this was their only full length release… there’s a newer discography/early-years type thing recently out that contains this and a bunch of singles n’ whatnot. Forced Exposure has it, i’m sure a bunch of other easy-to-find-on-teh-webz places do as well.

in the meantime, enjoy this pre-remaster version of the LP

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  1. iammacio said,

    good to have you back

  2. Hot Rats said,

    Yeah, good to see new posts!

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