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Th’inbred – “Kissin Cousins”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on April 22, 2009

foldermid/late-80s West Virginian hardcore band who were often referred to as “jazz-core” and other such labels, suggesting a transendence from the limitations of basic punk rawk which their level of musicianship definitely brought out. sort of halfway to being an Am-Rep-style “noise rock” band and with more than a hint of Greg Ginn’s jazzy/metallic guitar tones from later Black Flag releases. some seriously good stuff, long forgotten and recently resurrected from my own memory banks. join me in my nostalgia.

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  1. Huw said,

    It doesn’tseem to be working. Could you please re-up it.

  2. The band’s complete discography (including 3 unreleased studio songs) has finally been reissued officially on Alternative Tentacles on CD & on 2 limited edition color vinyl LPs

    Please pick it up on our site or in your favorite punk rock store!

    A Family Affair LP:
    Kissin’ Cousins LP:

    Rock on! Jesse

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