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Mexican Power Authority – “Haiku… Geshundheit”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on April 20, 2009


i’m pretty sure i have versions of this on both cassette and LP around here somewhere… but either way, thankfully someone saved me the trouble of ripping/encoding around 130 individual tracks… even then, some of the tracks here include multiple tracks from the LP, since the actual number of over 130 is whittled down to 99 (everything’s here though – i checked it against the tracklist on my vinyl copy).

anyway, for those who didn’t know about ’em when they were around, MPA were a Jason Flower-led outfit from the Vancouver area active in the mid-90s who incorporated pretty much all of my favorite styles of music into one amazing package. a bit of Black Flag-ish hardcore, a bit of Descendents-ish pop-punk, a bit of Voivod-ish tech-thrash (MPA even appropriated the “Killing Technology” font for their own logo), a bit of early Napalm Death/Carcass grind, a bit of Naked City-inspired speed-jazz and a healthy dose of pure whackiness influenced by the likes of Japanese favorites a la Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba, etc… MPA threw it all together seemlessly, more often than not in a minute or less.

with no exaggeration, this is easily one of the highlights of Canadian music EVER, underground or otherwise… seeing them live was easily one of the highlights of the entire 90s for me. you’d be foolish to pass it up if you aren’t already familiar.

sadly, as great as Mediafire have been lately, they still have the annoying 100 MB size limit, so this is in two parts: here and here.