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Alien Sex Fiend – “Ignore the Machine” 7″

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on March 16, 2009

cover-sm91985 single here from a band who, 11 years later, would become part of both the worst and best live experience of my life thus far. to wit: they opened up for Test Dept. in 1996 and i was, depending on what part of the night, fortunate enough to be in attendance. Test Dept. were glorious. ASF… not so much. it really just proved that certain styles of music (like theirs) are best left to the studio… but that’s neither here nor there. this single has two good songs so forget my crankiness and enjoy

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  1. I imagine that ASF suffered more from it being 1996 than Test Dept. They were great, but not all of their stuff dated very well…and their later stuff just feels like Bat-cave Beatlemania, or something. This single is great. Had it when it came out.

  2. I’ve always loved these guys, although they could be a bit cheesy at times.
    I guess maybe because I discovered them at an early stage of when music took over my outlook on life.
    I saw them a few times years ago, and enjoyed myself thouroughly.
    This is from the best era of them, for sure.
    Thanks for remembering!

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