Sector 2814

Thrust – “She Who Must Be Obeyed” 7″

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on March 11, 2009

cover-sm8kinda hazy on how i came across this one now… perhaps their label-association with the likes of God Is My Co-Pilot? or comparisons to Motherhead Bug (which, frankly, are about the only two apt comparisons that spring to mind)… knowing me, it was just as likely a random ad in some zine (fan- or otherwise) that caught my attention enough to send a money order or “well-concealed cash” into the postal void and be hopeful of getting a record back a few weeks later in exchange for my efforts…

anyway, pretty obvious but nonetheless enjoyable subject matter from this all-female NYC ensemble consisting of 3-4 percussionists, strings and saxes along with guitars etc… and… well, i’m sure the artwork and the title speak for themselves. love it

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