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Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on March 7, 2009

for a short part of my misspent youth i got into all those surf/garage bands on Estrus and wound up with a handful of these 7″s (and a few 12″s. we’ll get to those eventually)… had a 7″ from each of these bands plus a split between them, so may as well throw these three up together…personally the Apemen are more to my liking these days and i kinda think that was always the case… anyway, here we have:

cover-sm4Mono Men – “Mystery Girl” 7″

cover-1-mono-smcover-2-ape-smMono Men/Apemen split 7″

cover-sm5The Apemen – s.t. 7″

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  1. icastico said,

    Love that top cover. Classic.

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