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AMK – “HiFi” 7″

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on February 22, 2009

cover-sm8pretty much the definition of a novelty record if there ever was one, this is one case where digital versions will never approximate owning the real thing and manipulating it on a turntable. first it should be noted that all of the sound sources used to create this were taken from manipulated vinyl, making it a bit of an insular experience from the get-go… so you’ve got the a-side, which plays at 45rpm and has a few locked grooves along the way… then you’ve got the b-side, which plays at 33rpm and is billed as “21 locked grooves” but, who the hell can tell, because a bunch of them are cut in a way that makes the needle skate backward into a previous groove… and it will do this for 2 or 3 grooves at a time in some cases, before it advances to another one and actually stays put. and this doesn’t start right away either, since the first bunch are just straight-forward locks. so like i said, this is a case where these rips really only represent the one time *i* played with the thing… because more so than most other vinyl, when played in real life this is truly an experience that’s never the same thing twice.

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  1. Icastico said,

    very cool. . . now I must find one of my own to play with. thnx

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