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Suckdog – “Kill Ralph Records” 7″

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on February 16, 2009

side-a-smside-b-etched-smas the “artist” herself so eloquently states toward the end of this masterpiece: “Lisa is a capitalist, that’s the point that you all missed”. one-sided 7″ with an etched b-side. pretty much the definition of “pointless novelty record” if ever there was one… heh.

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  1. Oh god. Lisa Carver and her gang (Helen Slutpuppy and her boyfriend ‘Larvae’) were living in Portland, Maine when I first moved down from the hills in the late 80’s. They were scary as shit. And now they’ve all returned to their rich mansions and expected lives. Disgusting to the CORE.

  2. Tony Boies said,

    Do you still have the sleeve for this? I’d like to put the song up on iTunes (have the song but not the cover art). Thanks, Tony

  3. Mogo said,

    my copy never came with a sleeve, sorry.

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