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Kings of Feedback

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on February 16, 2009

cover-sm2rear-smcover-1-kof-smcover-2-hd-smBill T Miller first came to my attention via his production/studio work with sludge-masters Grief, though i soon realized i’d been encountering him by way of his own various projects like K.O.F. and Out of Band Experience – who share one of these 7″s – both of whom appear on the recently-posted RRR-100, among other places. the other split featured here is with Boston band High Defiance, whom i’ve never encountered outside this 7″. kind of an early version of “metalcore” (it was 1995) with some obnoxious DJ scratching and a totally ripping Maiden bit at the end of their tune. bit of an odd pairing, but in the best way possible.

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  1. Stuart said,


    That pedal on the cover of the KOF – Locust is a Pro-Co ‘Rat’ Distortion Pedal but with KOF put where the ‘RAT’ logo should (Also they have the distortion turned right up in the picture…which is not as mad as it seems as where they have the other controls would give about the best sound from the pedal)

    I had one when they came out cool pedal in the early 80’s

    Excellent posts these low-fi novelty singles… thanks a mill..


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