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Factums – “A Primitive Future”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on January 28, 2009


LP-only release from last year, ltd. edition of 400. that’s the story they’re telling in the “real” world, anyway.

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  1. martin said,

    yess! thanks so much for this- was able to find the other two records, and i own the cd, but have had no luck tracking this one down, so thank you!

  2. Aesop said,

    I’m going to take this on the beauty of the cover alone. It speaks to me. Thanks.

  3. Duncan Walls said,

    The cover is either from a Life Magazine feature on dinosaurs from the 1950s or a huge table sized book I used to have of a Czech artist paintings of dinosaurs showing a (I hope I remember this right) Pre-Cambrian forest . I believe it was a depiction of the natural progression of the first forests that evolved from water plants to what we recognize today.l I would recognize this picture anywhere in a second. I was a dinosaur freak ( I saw Fantasia when I was three) frrom a VERY early age, not too long before I became a music freak. I think this may have been originally in color.

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