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Vagina Dentata Organ – “Cold Meat”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on January 25, 2009


back in the 80s not everyone and their mom had a noise project. so shit still seemed new and interesting, even if it was really just 32-ish minutes of treated/manipulated sex/porn sounds. back then, what was often mediocre content would at LEAST be somewhat made up for with interesting packaging… to wit, this limited edition picture-disc LP featuring what were supposedly autopsy photos of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. I KNOW, SHOCKING, RIGHT?!?!?! and offensive. very offensive…

proceed with caution

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  1. Bodhi Amol said,

    Hello the woman on the picture disc certanly is NOT Marilyn Monroe,looks more like somebody died in a car crash-in another blog sombody made a guess which filmstar it might be ,but i forgot.
    Nevertheless-Thanks for your whole blog ,i found a mass of gems here!

  2. MIKE HANSEN said,

    yes it is Marilyn Monroe. i have seen documentaries, and it is said to be her
    just because it doesnt look like her (body decomposition after a number of days) but i have seen documentaries and other claims for 20 years that it is her. do a little more research and you will see…

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