Sector 2814

Varathron – “His Majesty at the Swamp”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on January 18, 2009


well, i just discovered the great How Disgusting blog, which offers quite the quality collection of metal releases from across its various sub-genres… went searching for more of this band after Cosmic Hearse jogged my memory with their first demo and lo and behold, there was the album i remembered them for, as the blog’s first-ever post no less. since that link is still live i’m simply pointing you to that post, but revisiting this album reminded me of how it taught me to listen past the production on an awful lot of metal releases i used to come across back in the day, and even still now. although it has that slightly-unfortunate over-flanged guitar sound going on and i’ll be damned if that doesn’t sound like a drum machine (or very stiff/gated playing if it is indeed live), you can hear how epic the whole thing would have sounded with a higher recording budget and/or more modern equipment. true talent and a blast from that past – we’ll forget about how weird it is to say that last bit about something i first heard as a teenager. follow the above link to get it and check out the rest of the posts while you’re at it – like i said, some quality stuff to be found there.

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