Sector 2814

Et Cetera – s.t.

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on November 19, 2008


… or is it? according to discogs, the title is “Lady Blue” (also the name of the second track)… but from what i can gather, i think discogs has it wrong in this case. doesn’t really matter though – if you’re like me and have gotten a bit burned out on this whole “let’s re-issue every goddamn bar band who pressed 100 copies of a record in the 60s or 70s” psyche/kraut-revival shit, this might renew your faith in the idea that there are still some underrated/undiscovered gems from that period waiting to be unearthed… or at least properly acknowledged. i’m not even gonna try to do this one any more justice with words – ya just need to trust me that it’s THAT good and go get the damn thing already

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  1. this is all over ain’t it? there’s been a lot of raga’s, but the bells and horns in this one are fab. so how’s that earlier album?

  2. Mars said,


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