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Dazzling Killmen – “Face of Collapse”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on November 17, 2008


after Kick to Kill recently posted material by the criminally-overlooked Breadwinner, i got to thinking about other bands in a similar vein… y’know, that whole Albini-esque, not-quite-hardcore group of bands in the 90s who set the stage for what’s now generally known as “math rock”… taking hardcore energy levels and infusing them with elements of prog-rock, while avoiding the levels of pomposity and wankery suggested by the latter term. outfits like Pitchblende, who’ve been well-covered here already… or these personal favorites of mine, Dazzling Killmen, spearheaded by Darin Gray (who was also part of Brise Glace – i seriously hope you lazy bastards don’t need a hyperlink to take ya to the post right below this one). preceded perhaps only by the likes of Bitch Magnet and bearing a slight tonal resemblance to various Albini-related projects of the day… anyway, i’m sure you get the point that i’ve been enjoying this album ever since it first crossed my path, so hear for yourself what my fuss is all about

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