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Brise Glace – “When in Vanitas”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on November 16, 2008


let it immediately be known that i’ve never been Jim O’Rourke’s biggest fan… despite enjoying some of the projects he’s been involved in as a collaborator, most of his solo material never struck a chord with me for one reason or another. this particular project however – featuring Christoph Heeman (of experimentalists HNAS), Henry Kaiser, Darin Gray (of Dazzling Killmenwatch this space scroll up), Thymme Jones (Cheer-Accident) and Dylan Posa (Flying Luttenbachers) – with it’s This Heat-like take on “rock” has always been a glaring exception to my aversion. the group changed members during its existence, though its releases were limited to this, a single and a compilation track. and they sort of did another album as well, with KK Null of Zeni Geva – which i posted AGES ago – under the name Yona Kit. so ultimately this leaves me having to begrudgingly admit that, although i never quite understood all the fanfare about him in the various “scenes” he floated through; whenever O’Rourke got down to work with other collaborators, the results were always – at the very least – decent.

see what i mean

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  1. armeur h said,

    another gem ! thank you ! I’m both an O’Rourke and HNAS fan and I don’t heard of this till today !

  2. yeah, i know what you mean about jim. he has some decent solo moments but most of them are pretty boring. some of his collaborations are pretty unexciting, too. consider what little he was able to do with such pithy material as stephen stapleton handed him with “angry eelectric finger.”

    but this.. this is certainly one of his greatest exceptions. you made my wish come true with this one as i’ve pining for it for some time over the last few years. i was hella into just about everything chicago avant rock/now wave/skin graft way back when and that album definitely stood out. so thanks, again. btw, here’s covers of ac/dc from brise-glace, u.s. maple (who put on one HELL of a live show i might add), shellac and big’n. enjoy.

    i will add to the list of awesome collaborations: production on faust’s rien. i don’t care what anyone says, but that album and set o’ headphones are a perfect prescription for bliss, and it certainly has a bit to do with jim’s hand on the sliders. as much as trent reznor’s imprint is indelible on every piece he produces.

  3. jim O’Rourke is a genius really, is unfair to judge an artist thru just a couple of work.

    His guitar solos are just brilliant.

    Thanks for this gem.

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