Sector 2814

Post Prandials – “Switched-On Irresponsibility”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on November 14, 2008


when i was involved in 90s cassette culture, there was this guy named Keith Nicolay who was always happy to swap professionally-pressed CDs for our lowly home-dubbed (and eventually, pro-duped) cassette releases. his project, Post Prandials, was an experimental/improv collective based out of NYC and centered around a core membership of himself, Bob Aaron and John Burgos. other members/collaborators came and went across different releases, but these three were a guaranteed constant (at least on the releases i still have). this particular outing consisted of the smallest group of performers among the three releases i was able to dig up (more to follow) and although not blatantly billed as such, was a collaboration with John Hajeski, another well-known figure in the culture of the day. a continuous hour-long direct-recorded improv, divided into multiple tracks. to hear it as intended you’ll probably wanna load this in iTunes and let it do the “gapless playback” thing. certainly a blast from MY past – hopefully someone else will remember and/or enjoy it as well. ya gotta love the cover-art spoof, even if this kinda thing isn’t yer bag sound-wise.


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