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Dayglo Abortions – “Here Today, Guano Tomorrow”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on November 12, 2008


while we’re in the mood for juvenile 80s thrashcore, how about one from these fellow Canucks who easily eclipsed Carnivore – and just about everyone else – with their own special brand of inimitable juvenilia…

hide the hamster

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  1. Jake Thee Pope said,

    Saw these guys at least 50 times– pretty much every lineup; the last gig I remember *snicker* Jesus Bonehead telling me how happy he was that his girlfriend had FINALLY turned 18, so she could come watch ’em in bars. I’ll never forget seein’ ’em in an Irish-style pub that had a capacity of about…oh…150-200. There was no room for slamming/moshing, so a buncha bro’s stacked all the tables & chairs against both walls so they could climb up to launch themselves into the crowd (stage was the size of postage stamp). Unfortunately for said idiots, no one had any inclination whatsoever to catch ’em– I dug a few teeth outta the rug afterwards… good times.

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