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Video Hippos – tour cd-r (2008)

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on November 4, 2008


so this band rolled through my town a little while back. i knew nothing about them, but was interested enough in the band they were playing with to check it out. glad i did. two dudes got on stage. some casiotone beats and happy-go-lucky key-sequences started up. some loose-but-propulsive live drumming began. soon came the SY-style wall-of-chord/drone guitar and vocal contributions from both guys that all meshed into a wall of sound made only more pleasurable by the accompanying projector backdrop. these Baltimore natives have a good deal of media kicking around already – hear some more for free at good ol’ myspace – though to be honest, any audio recordings i’ve heard do no justice to the wall of sheer euphoria they hit you with live. not to mention the absence of that whole “video” aspect. still, they made 25 of these up b/c they’d run out of “official” pressings of anything to sell me by the time they got to our point of their tour and it gives a nice little taster. ok, well, i’m not sure what the fuck’s up with the second track on this thing – they did nothing like that when i saw them – but, whatever. these boys should be a hit with the “Modern Mutant” crowd, if they aren’t already. i mean, they’ve got some upcoming shows with Health – what more convincing do you need? not to mention, ya gotta give props to any dude who’ll go on stage in an old-school metallica shirt to play this kinda stuff to the type of audience who’d come to see it 😉


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