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Yximalloo – “Fangs of Lucifer”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on November 2, 2008

it would be almost impossible, i would think, for anyone who had anything at all to do with cassette culture in the 80s and/or 90s to have not run across this guy once or twice. even without actively pursuing his material, he was always showing up in the oddest and most random places… compilations, radio shows, etc. too bad then that some of today’s Modern Mutants probably have no clue about his existence, since his quirky one-man-band act – though less spastic and more experimental than the likes of Trin-Tran – would likely be adored by their lot. well, here‘s a vinyl collection (released on Old Gold in 1999) of various Yxi output from 1981-86. as good an introduction as any for the uninitiated, and perhaps somewhat of a “greatest hits” type thing for those already in the know.

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  1. […] Ishimaru and draws the covers for every release. Other Yximalloo recordings can be found here and here and here. Monnorhyta was released as a cassette on Sakura Wrechords (Y-9246) in […]

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