Sector 2814


Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on October 19, 2008

small “showcase” of this net-label who have more 8-bit/chiptune/NES/Coleco/etc sounds available for free DL than you can shake a stick at. pretty much all of the releases are eps, so there’s no excuse not to do some listening – if worse comes to worse, it won’t take that many minutes outta yer life. hell, even on shitty laptop speakers this stuff sounds at least as good as the actual game systems woulda sounded comin’ outta yer TV speaker(s). here’s few highlights/favorites o’ mine, zipped up in handy/convenient single packages for ya (ya get one track at a time on the site):

Coleco Music – “Confessions in a Chat Room”

Trash80 – “Icarus”

Mr. Spastic – “Uber l33t n00b br34k5”

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