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S.I.D.S. – “My Other Vehicle is a Stretcher” 7″

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on October 14, 2008

try turning up any useful info about these electro-punks – either using the acronym or the full term Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – on a search engine. go ahead. i’ll wait.

fun wasn’t it? so we can be thankful for a resource like Discogs, who inform us that these Modern Mutants released this 7″ on Goodnight Records back in 2006. they were kind enough to include with it a CD-R of the songs to save wear n’ tear on the vinyl copy, as well as a live DVD (not included here).

enjoy these two slabs of synth-driven, new-no-wave mutant electro-punk.

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  1. Wil said,

    I know they’re from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They played their final show at the Sled Island music festival there this past summer

  2. Wil said,

    Oh…and the problem might be that the acronym is for Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome

  3. Mogo said,

    that’s interesting… because pretty much everything i’ve found by them has been tagged as Death rather than Dance… hm. thanks for the rest of the info tho!

  4. Wil said,

    Whoops, confused them with another band who shares the acronym.

  5. Mogo said,

    for clarification, was your confusion also in effect with regard to them being from Calgary, etc?

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