Sector 2814

Social Junk – “Champs 06”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 4, 2008

“gettin’ no respect since ’02″… or so says their myspace page. truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to make of this during the first half of my initial listens… found that about half-way in, during the longer tracks, it finally hits a stride, catches more attention and starts to make sense. for some reason, all the descriptions I’d read of Social Junk led me to expect something fairly saccharine in terms of their sound, so maybe it was the relative abbrasiveness – compared to my initial expectations – that caused my appreciation to take a while to sink in. as best as I can tell this is an earlier, now-unavailable release (there’s a “Champs 08” K7 presently available on Night People, the label run by the equally amazing Raccoo-oo-oon), since no evidence of it seems to turn up on any search engine I’ve tried… at any rate, fans of the aforementioned Raccoo-oo-oon or any of the other indie-leaning noise/improv/psych/mish-mash scene sprouting up these days would do well to give this a listen.


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