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V/A – “A Modern Mutant’s Music Book”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 1, 2008

so, I’m not sure if this is an official release or not… truthfully, I found it in someone’s folders on slsk and grabbed it b/c it had tracks by a few artists I’d been wanting to hear… the tags (or lack there-of in some cases) kind of suggest that someone cobbled this together from their own collection and google wasn’t too helpful, but, whatever… either way, it serves as an excellent primer to a ton of excellent bands who I’ve enjoyed full albums by over the past couple of years… and a ton more I hadn’t heard before who are equally worth investigating. here are some photos of a few who should be more familiar:

Architecture in Helinski


Gang Gang Dance

Love of Diagrams


These Are Powers


altogether it comes in around 315 MB, so…

artists beginning with A-L here

artists beginning with M-Z here

yer not too lazy to put em back together in one folder yerself afterward, right?

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  1. Daniel J. said,

    Oh awesome, that’s one of mine! Glad you liked it! I have a bunch more floating around if you want ’em; drop me a line on my Space and I’ll send them to you!

  2. […] with more releases from artists featured on the Modern Mutant’s Music Book comp. I posted a while back, here we find further elaboration on val martino’s […]

  3. forkimified said,

    I also found this while searching on SoulSeek, but it was incomplete, and was just now googling to see if this was something that was released somewhere!
    I actually found it posted to megaupload as one file!
    (I entered it as my URI)…

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