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David Shea – i

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on August 26, 2008

another of the $3.00-prizes I started posting upon my return, this 1995 disc sees Shea breaking away from using live players in his work and focusing strictly on sampling. more specifically, composing pieces which, for the most part, could be recorded and performed in real-time and with minimal to no post-processing, editing or manipulation. a couple of the shorter pieces paying tribute to cartoon characters evoke the Looney-ness of Carl Stalling while the rest are far darker and more bombastic. this is an album that even an open-minded metalhead with an affection for anything symphonic would be likely to enjoy, not to mention anyone who enjoyed Jim Thirlwell’s Steroid Maximus projects… which, as I understand it, were constructed with similar sampling techniques, if not structured for real-time/live performance like these pieces were.


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  1. Pantastic said,

    Nice score! I’ve never heard this one before. Back in my Avant/Tzadik immersion days in college, I bought his Hsi Yu Chi and listened to it about a thousand times, and in recent years I picked up Shock Corridor at cutout price from DMG. He’s done some really good stuff.

  2. Mogo said,

    I hadn’t even heard OF this one before I found it at that store about a month ago… but I’m definitely glad I did find it. I’d still say “Satyricon” is my favorite release of Shea’s, but this one’s batting a close second now…

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