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Black Flag – Kent St., Ohio, 10-13-84

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on August 23, 2008

decent sounding boot I stumbled upon recently… worthwhile for Rollins’ between-song banter alone. not much else to say about the mighty Flag that hasn’t been said better elsewhere a million times already.

beat your head against the wall one more time

ps – these pics are not from the actual gig… Kira wasn’t even in the band at this point, but given her choice of attire in the top pic I just couldn’t resist using it…

EDIT: had and read a few complaints about Rapidshare giving folks a hard time with this one, so if that’s the case for you, say you don’t want it then you slip it on in here instead

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  1. pigpen said,

    any chance of uploading the set to a different filesharing site? i don’t usually ask for that kind of shit, but i really want to hear it, and rapidshare has been fucking me for at least a week.

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  3. Mars said,

    Flag saved my life, Ginn taught me how to play.

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