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Skullflower – “IIIrd Gatekeeper”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on May 21, 2008

my relationship with this album over the years has been somewhat on-again/off-again… back in the early-90s when I discovered Zeni Geva, I went through a phase of getting my hands on anything I could that purported to sound even remotely like them… which included this album. loved it at the time. interests evolved and/or changed over the years and then, a few years back I found myself wanting to revisit it, so I tracked down a used… or was it “new-old stock”? – copy. for some reason it didn’t grab me the way it used to… might have something to do with the fact that I used to listen to it a lot while I was high, but I digress… anyway, Jake recently made a passing comparison to it in his recent post of Ramleh‘s “Blowhole” LP (which also included Chrome‘s excellent “3rd from the Sun” LP, btw) and I was prompted to revisit it yet again. sat down with it a good handful of times this past weekend and realized how great it actually is. in fact, I’d now go so far as to say that Bower & co. – despite the man’s prolific output in numerous projects over the years since – maybe aren’t properly recognized as ancestors of today’s also-prolific mass of doom/drone bands/artists. T’would appear that Crucial Blast Records are aiming to rectify this however, as they’ve recently released a re-mastered re-issue of this masterpiece, with expanded contents and a new package design. hell, they’ve even made t-shirts to go with it (scroll down a bit). what I present here is a rip of the original CD (i.e. not remastered) and with no artwork, so check it out to see if you like it and then head over there for the newer “deluxe” version. while you’re at it, check out some of the other great artists on the label like Trees, Wildildlife, The Goslings, Totimoshi, Monarch! and others.

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  1. Jake Thee Pope said,

    Heh heh– all these pings. Mebbe we should combine as “Sector Loud Night 2814” or sumpin’ (btw: post something else; I need inspiration! Hahaha).

  2. Mogo said,

    even funnier is the fact that the only “related post” is another one from my own blog 😉

    and hey, joining forces would at least make us appear to be more prolific at posting, if nothing else… heheheh

  3. Jake Thee Pope said,

    I dunno, man– I counted ’em up and I’ve put up 17 albums in 24 days. Any more prolific than that, and somebody please shoot me. I know whatcha mean though– but the days of posting daily are a nightmare of the past. Doesn’t it make ya scratch yer head thinking about that “urgency” of doing so? Damn stoopid.

  4. Mogo said,

    yeah I hear ya… for me it was the whole “sprinter in a marathon” phenomenon at first… I started out with a big-ass bunch of stuff I couldn’t wait to post and felt like I had to do it almost daily… then 3 times a week with multiple posts… then same frequency but fewer posts… but now it’s a case of… I don’t wanna say “quality over quantity” b/c that implies the wrong thing about earlier posts, but… I think you get my drift.

  5. […] even if you don’t i’m not up for waxing poetic at the moment so go have a gander at my previous post of their “IIIrd Gatekeeper” album for a bit more info. the first of these two was on Sympathy For The Record Industry and has some of […]

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