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Pitchblende – “Kill Atom Smasher”… a ton of nice myspace links… and a shout-out to Jake

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on April 23, 2008

another one first brought to us by the defunct Fun With Earholes blog… anyone who’s checked this band out – we posted some other things by them here and here – knows that they were doing the whole prog-tinged-indie thing way before the cool kids embraced it… and that’s prolly all we need to say about that. let’s welcome this fantastic album to the blogosphere again


after you’ve digested that, surf on back and spend some time clicking on the myspace links for all of these excellent, currently-active bands we recently discovered thanks to their coverage in the also-excellent Drop Dead magazine. while they may not have coined the term per-se (I think that honor belongs here), DDM aptly refer to most of these as “mutant” bands – i.e. mixing elements of no-wave, post-punk, NDW, noise-rock, early industrial/electronic/experimental, folk, whatever to come up with interesting hybrids defying any other type of description. I’m not normally one to do “aggregator”-type posts, but these bands are all worth your attention if you enjoy the noiser rock and no-wave-ish stuff we’ve posted around here in times past:

Silver Daggers

These Are Powers



(ok, I already knew about those four. in fact, I posted T.I.T.S. a looooong time ago)

New Collapse

White Experience

Naked on the Vague

Haunted Fucking


Marfa and Ne-af

Deaf Deaf

The Creeping Nobodies

The Sticks

Strip Mall Seizures

Medio Mutante

I Can’t Read


Red Voice Choir

A Woman’s Weapon (check out their awesome Misfits cover)


last but definitely not least, when you’re in the mood for something heavy check out Jake’s recent post for some excellent material from Zeni Geva and the Grave/Deviated Instinct/Devolution 3-way split .

ok. that should keep everyone busy. enjoy.